The Sacred Spot and Female Ejaculation

Souls in female bodies, like souls in male bodies, are able to release life-force fluid in sensual ecstasy, and are able to have multiple, full-bodied climaxes through stimulation of the Sacred Spot. The Sacred Spot (also known as the G-spot) is an area of sensitive tissue on the front wall of the yoni behind the pubic bone. The sacred spot is usually 1-3 inches into the yoni, towards the stomach. To locate it, curl one finger upwards, inside the yoni, as if motioning “come here.” Feel for subtle ridges or “buttons” and explore the sensations these tiny folds of tissue give. The sacred spot is not just a singular spot, but an area of rich sensual nerves. When in a state of arousal this entire area will become ‘spongy’. Every devi has a unique shape, and exploring the beauty of her form intimately is the best way to become familiar with her body’s needs and what she will derive the most joy from.

The sacred spot can be considered as a powerful chakra that opens when a devi is ready to accelerate her sensual Shakti flow into higher dimensions of creative expression. When stimulated with the proper rhythm and intensity, glands connected to the sacred spot swell with fluid, or amrita, which is released during heights of pleasure. This is known as female ejaculation.

The sacred-spot holds a great amount of sensitive information about a devi’s collective intimate experiences and her reaction to the imbalances on planet Earth. Massaging this spot can lead to the release of profound emotional trauma, as well as a more profound connection to one’s inherent state of pure sensuality. Through practices such as kegel exercises and sensitive loving massage, Devis come into their true sensual potency and gain back the ability to release the nectar of life, the amrita they hold within. Kegels train the body to be able to receive and store the full force of a complete Kundalini orgasm, in which the entire Soulbody is absorbed in ecstasy.

It is helpful in awakening the sacred spot, to massage the rest of the body as well. There are usually many knots of tension within the body, which form though difficult experiences of the physical world and a masculine-dominant planet. Release of these knots is one of the most important parts of calibrating the sacred spot into its highest sensual and spiritual resonance. Some main areas to focus on when releasing knots are: the breasts, the area around the collar bone, the entire root area and around the sides of the yoni, the thighs, around the shoulder-blades, the shoulders, back, neck, and the feet.

Though it may take time and practice, all women have the ability to release amrita and experience multiple, full-bodied sacred spot climaxes. The process of opening to this experience is one of self-love and Kundalini awakening, and through it, devis come to embrace the freedom of this new level of sensuality and spiritual love.

*One of the most beneficial practices in facilitating female ejaculation and full body convulsing orgasms is Root Training/ Kegel Exercises. Kegels strengthen the area to be able to push out amrita, and also to be able to handle the powerful impact of a full Kundalini climax. Please also see the Sacred Spot meditation.

*For the most complete experience, a devi should first be fully aroused with a considerate amount of play.

*Once a deep state of arousal has been reached, find the most comfortable ways to stimulate the sacred spot.

-One popular technique is using the pointer and middle finger,  forming the “come here” motion, and experimenting with variations of this movement along with speed, rhythm, and intensity.

-Another technique is to use the ring and middle fingers angled upwards into the yoni, with the pinky and pointer finger pointing downwards. Experiment with different thrusting motions to fully arouse the sacred spot. Up and down is very effective in this position.

-Use clitoral and other combinations of stimulation in order to come into the most aroused state possible before release.

-Root-play (anal) can indirectly stimulate the sacred spot and lead to climax in both polarities of the chakra system.

*Every devi’s body has it’s own unique resonance. Tuning in intimately to the flow of her Shakti, and maintaining open communication are more important than memorizing any techniques.

*Feel the interplay between Kegel exercises and the sacred spot. Understanding and strengthening this relationship is the key to learning how to release amrita, and helps to ground the Shakti of climax.

*Release of amrita is close when the sacred spot area becomes swollen and changes in texture, becoming a bit harder. Convulsions may also start.

*When it comes to the point before releasing amrita, it may feel like the same sensation as having to urinate, as both amrita and urine come through the same channel. Remember that a male also ejaculates and urinates through the same opening, and that the difference is obvious once we become familiar with new sensations.

*When the sensation comes to climax, push outwards with the root muscles (PC/BC) to release the Amrita. Simply release and let go allowing the flow of Life to express itself through your bodily vessel.

*Remember to drink a lot of water when releasing amrita to stay hydrated. If amrita smells of urine at all, it is most likely because of dehydration.

*Do not expect results immediately. This is a profound process and requires much self-love and patience. If results are not seen, continue massaging the entire body and practicing self-intimacy and meditation such as the Breath of Love Pranayama. With time, we naturally open to the new sensual expressions of awakened Kundalini.

*Amrita is an extremely high vibration fluid of Divine Light. When it is released, know that it is a gift to the world. Whoever has the good fortune of experiencing/influencing the release should absorb the energy in reverence, using it to elevate their vibration along with Devi’s.