The winds of Grace
move through our spirits,

caressing our Hearts

and gliding us

into a simple
and profound

state of joy.

The Tree of Life
that gives Kundalini Devi
a playground to enjoy
and relish in divine flowers

is moved
and stilled
by the winds
of the Heart.

The sensation
of touch
takes over
our entire existence

as it magnifies
the slightest movement
of bliss-charged prana
in the body,

Giving the physical self
a glimpse
of the eternal bliss
that is the soul.

Breathing in
the pranic winds,

the swirling
currents of Kundalini
that spin
and weave our Hearts
as One Love,

we share this pure,
sweet sensation

and allow ourselves
to be overcome
by an ecstasy,

drinking in
a divine nectar
so sweet
that the heart
is stilled
in superconscious

The Heart smiles
in appreciation of Life,
as air becomes thinner
and thinner,
until it exists
in the ether.

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