Aloha, Blessings of Love! Welcome to Aum Love Tantra. This website has been designed as an offering to those exploring the path of Tantra Yoga, who wish to: still the mind and live from the Heart, explore and cultivate Kundalini Shakti, balance masculine and feminine energies within the Self, honor and serve the Goddess within all life, remember the essence of physical sensuality as a pure, evolutionary, creative, and expressive aspect of Spirit, and ultimately embody their highest potential Love.

In light of a rapidly expanding worldwide interest in the sensual aspects of Tantra Yoga, we would like to inspire a healthy, balanced, grounded, and yogic perspective on Tantra that allows for a safe and pure exploration of yogic sensuality.

Provided on this website are techniques, articles, poetry, and other information and tools to assist in one’s Tantra practice. Please also visit the Shakti Awakening Sessions page for information about our services, and the Support page if you resonate with our intentions and are inspired to donate.

May all Life be abundant in Peace and Love. :)

Featured Content:

  • Divine Balance
  • Breath of Love
  • Root Training/ Kegel Exercises
  • Solo Tantra
  • Elements Meditation
  • The Sacred Spot and Female Ejaculation
  • Tube of Light meditation
  • Heart Blossom Updraw/ Life-force Ejaculation Control


The original vibration through which Divine Consciousness manifests, sustains and dissolves creation. AUM is perceived as Light, Sound, Pulsation, and Stillness.


The all-attractive, unitive force of life; the essence of pure consciousness, in which all spiritual paths come to realization and harmony.


The seductive dance of Source and Creation; The romantic merging of masculine and feminine energies within an individual, the Universe, and beyond. Tantra is the infinite beauty of Life playfully weaving together of all aspects of existence into One Love.

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